Get Your Geek Swag On With ThunderCats Converse Sneakers!

Sight beyond sight game proper

Oh, hell yeah! There’s never been a better time to show your geek and nerd swankiness. I want these so bad. I still have every intention of getting “Sight Beyond Sight” tatooed somewhere on my body. I’ve already got ten but I’ll make it work. It will go nicely with my Transformers and Cobra G.I. Joe Tats! More sneakers after the jump!

Sight beyond sight game proper

The shoes will be produced by Converse. There are Hightop Thundercats Sneakers for the guys and a pair of Cheetara themed shoes for the ladies! The Cheetara shoes feature felt around the cheetah spots for added detail and texture.

The shoes hit Journeys Shoes stores and website on June 1st, 2012. They will retail for $59.99. These are also limited in quantities, so be sure to get your orders in quickly if you want to own a pair. It is known that the logos on the characters are all backwards. Unfortunately, that was the way the art that was provided to Converse and approved by the licensors, which Journey’s has no control over.

Spotted at ThunderCats.WS

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