Hit or Miss? Jay Tablante Attempts Cosplay Photography

You’ve gotta love cosplay, amirite? Sometimes it’s a hit or miss situation though. As geeks get a higher profile and our habits, quirks, likes, dislikes, etc. start to get mainstream attention, certain geek staples like cosplay catches the attention of someone famous.

Silk Specter, Poison Ivy, Zatanna and others come to life in photographer Jay Tablante’s attempt to photograph cosplay. Check out the pics after the jump!

Thoughts? Hit or Miss?

I think Zatanna and Poison Ivy are the best looking, but overall I think the photography is…odd. Yeah, odd. Ms. Marvel has a godawful wig on, and of all of the cosplay models, looks the least realistic. The images seem overly manipulated. I think the effects work for some photos, and fall flat and even hinder other photos. What do you think?