HUNGER #1 Review – Galactus Hungers!

When Galactus says he’s hungry, you’d better know it’s about to get real.

If you’ve been waiting to see the fallout from Age of Ultron, then you’ll definitely want to check out Hunger #1 (Marvel Comics) because all hell is about to break loose.  Don’t expect to see a red guy with horns or cheesy facial hair because the one that’s about to pop off is none other than Galactus, the Eater of Worlds.

The Good

Rick Jones (whose name I keep wanting to say like this), the teenage boy interrupted to become Protector of the Universe, returns and still dealing with the duality of his life as a teenager and superbeing.  While some may find his arguing and droning on about the unfairness of his life annoying, I actually found his banter with The Watcher–who is more like his babysitter than anything in this issue–kind of funny.

As you could well expect, Galactus was absolutely epic.  There wasn’t much conversation from him, but when he first appears roaring like a ravenous lion, charging at you straight from out of the page, I got a chill up my spine and goosebumps.  While the art was impressive overall, with bright, bold, pops of color throughout, Leonard Kirk’s art was spectacular and utterly impressive.

Based on Rick and Watcher’s banter, Joshua Fialkov’s writing is pretty solid, but I look forward to more depth in Hunger #2. 

The Bad

Waiting to see Galactus until close to the end was unfortunate.  A lot of time was spent on Rick, Watcher, the Kree and Chitauri–who are in the heat of an epic space battle for glory–and not enough time on Galactus and setting up a good solid arrival for him in the second issue.  It’s not so bad that it wasn’t worth reading.  This is a minor setback.  I was intrigued to see the Kree, however and I wonder where this whole thing is going.  I hope we can see a bit more of them in a culmination and conclusion of that battle.  Yes, Galactus is on the loose… That should make things interesting.

The Bottomline

Hunger #1 is a good start to start the narrative in a post-Age of Ultron Ultimate Universe.  I’m going to read it again.