Image Comics Unveils Subscription Comics Delivery Service – GeekMundo

A year or so ago, Marvel Comics unveiled its monthly digital comics subscription plan and made comic fans all over giddy with nerdgasmic excitement.  Get ready to feel that again!  Image Comics has unveiled its new monthly comics subscription service for your favorite Image publications.  Here are the details:

Image Comics is pleased to announce Image Direct, a newly launched mail-order subscription service that allows fans to purchase 12-issue subscriptions to their favorite Image comics and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. Image Direct serves continental U.S. customers only. Subscribe here:

Image Direct will allow subscribing readers to receive the latest issues of over 35 titles, including THE WALKING DEAD, SAGA, SEX CRIMINALS, WYTCHES, BLACK SCIENCE, VELVET, RAT QUEENS and more, immediately upon release. Subscribers will receive discounts of up to 30% off and will have the option to subscribe to every available title and receive 35% off.

“Even with all the wonderful work our retailer partners in the Direct Market do, the number one comment we get from fans is they frequently can’t find the Image titles they’re looking for,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Given that there are fewer comic book stores than ever before, we’re hoping that Image Direct makes our titles available to fans who don’t have easy access to a local comic book store, or whose shop doesn’t carry the full range of Image titles.”

Image Direct launches today. Readers interested in subscribing to the service can find more information on how to sign up here:

Look, if we didn’t already have access to comics for review purposes, I’d be on this like white on rice.  By the way, speaking of reviewing comics, we’ll be stepping that up.  We’ve been busy building one of our businesses, and GeekMundo had to take a back seat.  But I can’t stay away from this thing.  I love it too much.

Stay tuned for a post detailing our changes soon.