In Case You Gave a F$#@: 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Gets New Ending

It’s pretty much a secret, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were seriously surprised. Pattinson had to go back and reread the script but indicates that the ending shouldn’t be too bad:

Twilight star Robert Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly: “When I first read the script, I got to that part and was like, ‘What?’”

Adding: “And then I had to go back a page. It does it a serious justice.”

Kristen Stewart agreed: “It’s clearly made by someone who really likes [the saga], who really cares,”

She said: “That’s why [director] Bill Condon is perfect. Thank God for him.”

I wonder if Stewart were in the same room when the read the script, or if she read it next to her married director? Maybe Edward Cullen turns into a human being? Who knows? And we certainly aren’t losing sleep over it. Either way, you can expect Twilight fans to wild out when ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ premieres on November 16th.

via EntertainmentWise