IRON MAN 3 Will Have Chinese Product Placement Via TCL – Geek Mundo

We know that product placement is extremely popular in movies these days. That can be pretty annoying if it’s not done tastefully. It’s a way of life though and with ‘Iron Man 3′ being filmed in large part in China, Chinese companies want in on the action. Enter TCL corporation.

TCL will engage in product placement and a series of tie-in promotions and marketing collaborations with Iron Man 3. TCL is among many Chinese enterprises actively exploring overseas opportunities through marketing deals with Hollywood projects.

“We are looking at a full range of marketing possibilities for both TCL and our Hollywood partners; it is not just product placement,” Hao Yi, chief sales officer of TCL Multimedia and president of TCL’s Overseas Business Center told Screendaily.

When you check out the North American part of the TCL website, they sell LCD tvs and in other parts of the website, it looks like they do a little bit of everything like cell phones and appliances. So, we could see quite a range of products in Iron Man 3.

Via ScreenDaily

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