Jaguar's Panty-Dropping Super Bowl Ad Debuts Before Game

As if having Tom Hiddleston in the commercial wasn’t enough, Jaguar’s Super Bowl ad also stars Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley in an effort to make the dudes envy, and the ladies all hot and bothered.  *Fans self*  There is so much sin going through my head and the commercial is only one minute.

In the spot, Mark Strong is seen driving the uber chic Jaguar F-Type Coupe, a sporty little number that is like a quickie on wheels (especially in red) through the streets of London, when Tom Hiddleston, dressed in tweed like a proper English gent and drinking tea (with the door OPEN, son!), swoops next to him and above him in a luxury chopper. In the meantime, Kingsley is getting dressed in his mansion while keeping an eye on all the action via his state of the art technology.  Natch, dahling.

I. Got. My. Life. Now, it’s time to head on over to Tumblr to join the other watch the fangirls who will share in my their shame for some very nasty, lecherous thoughts.

Pray for me, people!