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Doki Doki and Japan Crate Review

Every month the fine folks at San Francisco-based Japan Crate curate and compile awesomely kawaii and yummy treats for their monthly subscription box of the same name and for their new kawaii-licious Doki Doki Crate.  Here’s what we received for December.  And honestly, we loved them both!  Check out our video review and unboxing videos.

Doki Doki Crate for December 2015 by Japan Crate

Japan Crate Premium Box for December 2015

In the Japan Crate for December, we received a DIY parfait that was okay but I think it would have been way better had I used whole milk as opposed to nonfat milk.  Overall, it was a divine box and I actually recommend giving them a try.  The Doki Doki crate was pretty cool, too.  I’m still loving my panda sleep mask.  You can expect a lot of cool knick-knacks that are well-made overall and curated very well.  Whoever was in charge of creating the Doki Doki crate for December made sure to assemble some quality products.

Oh, and sorry about that last video!  My cameraman needs to go back to film school… *le sigh*