Japan Mobilizes Robocop to Protect Women From Pervs on Trains

The Osaka Police Department in Japan has decided that a guy in uniform wasn’t enough to stop all the Ken Kaniffs riding the trains from trying to cop feels.  In order to help combat the problem of creeps and sickos trying to molest the female commuters on local trains, they’ve opted to enlist their very own “Robocop” as their “hammer of justice”.  Oh, and he’ll also advise you to keep an eye on your belongings.  So… Thieves and nasty bastards beware!

“Robocop is a hammer of justice to molesters threatening women,” the police said on its official site.

Japanese police collaborated with West Japan Railway Company and developed the Robocop – a man posing as a cyborg crime-fighter.

Interestingly, the Robocop has the right to arrest citizens who are found breaking the laws.

The robot is also assigned the duty of warning travellers not to leave their belongings and luggage in the train carriages, the Mirror reported.

In addition, it will caution drivers not to leave possessions on view in cars.

China did it first though!

What is killing me is the guy being all badass and saying, “Hey!  Get away from that woman before I put my foot up your ass”, then turning around and kindly reminding some cute little grandmother to keep an eye on her purse.  What will my Japanese homies think of next?

Sauce (yes, sauce).