Lindsay Lohan is a Real Housewife; Brings In Top SNL Ratings

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I by no means am a Lindsay Lohan fan. Personally, I think that she doesn’t deserve any of the attention she gets for being a screw up. But hey, that’s just me. For whatever reason, she was able to host Saturday Night Live last night and was featured as a Real Housewife of Disney! However, word on the street is she brought it as ratings for last night’s episode of SNL were sky high! Check the video after the jump!

Lindsay Lohan is Rapunzel, and her friends Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella (awesomely played by Kristen Wiig) and Belle are channeling some of the lamest housewives in Real Housewife history. Love the jab at the Countess or whatever the hell her name is….

In other news, the ratings were pretty damned good for Lohan hosting, even if the reviews weren’t that great:

Creatively, last night’s Lindsay Lohan-hosted Saturday Night Live felt like a letdown after the strong, star-studded previous episode hosted by by Maya Rudolph. But in the ratings, it was anything but. SNL, fronted by the tabloid fixture and musical guest Jack White, drew a 5.5/14 in metered-market households last night. That was up 12% from the Maya Rudolph edition and the second highest SNL rating this season, behind only the football-inflated January 7. telecast (8.2/19), which aired on the night of NBC’ coverage of the Lions-Saints NFL Wild Card playoff game.

What were they expecting? Don’t they know Lindsay Lohan can’t act worth a damn?

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