Marvel Teases GWENPOOL to Fanboys' Chagrin – GeekMundo

Gwen Stacy as Gwenpool – Courtesy of Marvel

Our good homies at Marvel shot over this Gwenpool teaser image of Gwen Stacy doing her unique interpretation of our favorite Merc with a Mouth, yesterday, and it was met with a lukewarm response at best, and downright disgust at worst.  

Gwen Stacy as Gwenpool – Courtesy of Marvel

If you want clues, I’ve got nothing for you. The image was accompanied by a very Deadpool-ish question: “Seriously?!?!… Gwenpool?”

I’m not certain if Marvel is actually going to make this a cover variant, or if this will be a one-shot, or if will even be a limited run series. I do know that the prospect of anything other than this just being a variant would not be the most popular, or welcome choice. Some fanboys and fangirls weren’t feeling Gwen’s lack of pants, and others just didn’t feel it was necessary to parody or imitate a character like Deadpool.

I hope this is just another variant month… #Gwenpool

— Moms Read Comics (@charmingred) September 10, 2015

captain america gwen and spider-gwen art both feature really great designs then gwenpool is a steaming pile of impractical male gaze fodder — jack rogers (@stevebinkie) September 10, 2015

Biggest comics-related eyeroll of the week was learning that “Gwenpool” is a thing that exists.

— Trey Lawson (@T_Lawson) September 11, 2015

Gwenpool? — Thinking All Day (@Okay_Wasabi) September 11, 2015

Meh… I’m ambivalent. Let’s just see how it plays out. One thing’s for sure, Marvel didn’t fall asleep at the wheel when it came to capitalizing on the Gwenpoolmania in the cosplay community.