Mas Negro Que La Noche – Ultra Creepy Horror Trailer Debuts

I love a good Spanish language horror movie.  I honestly wish we would get more of those in the United States to liven things up.  Naturally, when I came across the trailer for director Henry Bedwell’s 3D remake of Mexican horror movie Mas Negro Que La Noche, I was too excited to watch.  To be honest, I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s not terribly scary like the trailer for The Babadook, but it also has some good frights.

Basically, Tia (Aunt) Ofelia, has died and left this decrepit mansion to her niece Greta.  Her old aunt’s best friend and cat–one blacker than night–is also part of this inheritance.  Unfortunately, after Greta and three of her friends move in, kitty ends up dead and the shit gets really real.  It’s standard horror movie fare in that regards (haunted houses, eccentric family members, etc.), but damn all that.  Auntie Ofelia would have to miss me with that.  No jodas…

Mas Negro Que La Noche (Blacker Than Night) stars Zuria Vega, Adriana Louvier, Eréndira Ibarra, Ona Casamiquela, Margarita Sanz, Josemaría Torre Hütt, Lucia Guillmain, Hernán Mendoza, and Miguel Rodarte.

Let me tell you something about Spanish language horror movies.  When you have an auntie that’s dressed like late 1800s to  early 1900s, you’re fucked.  I’m just saying.  She’s evil in some way or the other, and you’re better off sending her a freaking postcard in the mail from a P.O. Box address in freaking Wyoming.  Can’t wait to go see this joint.