Mass Effect 3 Ending Is Causing Death Threats To Be Sent to Bioware

May 24, 2012

So there are some very upset fans of the ‘Mass Effect 3′ endings, guessing they didn’t sit well with them. One fan as gone as far as to send death threats to Mr. Priestly with ‘Hold The Line’s ‘ HTL on it. First let me say this, not being a fan of the first game(not my type of gameplay), I’m glad I picked up ‘Mass Effect 2′ because it was epic and I loved every bit of gameplay. Second, ‘Mass Effect 3′ multiplied the feeling of sorrow, wartime desperation, feeling of all is lost if I don’t make the right decision a hundred fold. I can’t say how many times I sat there trying to figure out which was the right decision at certain points in a game, at one point I think I sat there for almost an hour figuring out if I should save a friend from ME2 or help another. Third, I did everything to the full extent of the game, I completed all side missions, everything, and when I got to the last mission it was crazy, people dying everywhere, all around me, friends, teammates, it had the whole shebang. The last cut scene which I thought was great, I forget which version I picked now, but all that work only to realize I didn’t have the single player game 100% because I didn’t play MP at all is what made me mad as HELL!!!! Only after visiting the IGN website I realized if only playing the single player game you could only get to 50% galactic readiness which I thought was WTF Bioware, why make MP part of the single player gameplay. I personally like to play the single player first and then jump into MP. I played for 100% of the game and come to find out all the work I did was for not because I didn’t play MP, come on. Fourth, even if you don’t like the ending of the game, really, sending death threats to Mr Priestly is crazy, its just a game and no one is holding a gun to your head to make you buy anymore of Bioware’s games. I mean I wish people were this passionate about they’re government doing right by them over Bioware, its laughable. That’s how I feel. I still love you Mass Effect 3.

Here is what Clarissant had to say in a forum on Operation Letter Tsunami Incident:

Some of you may be aware of the recent tweets by Mr. Priestly stating he had received a threatening postcard as part of Operation Letter Tsunami. I am sure that I speak for everyone here when I say that we are deeply saddened and disgusted by such behavior. In their immaturity this person has hurt the very cause they are fighting for.

We are still investigating what happened and who sent the postcard in question but so far it would seem that the culprit is not a member of our community, but rather someone who joined the initiative when it was promoted across other social media platforms. Unfortunately the threats were sent on a postcard bearing the HTL logo, thus Mr. Priestly’s understandable assumption that it came from us.

This is the Internet, it’s full of people who get a perverse thrill from antagonizing others while hiding behind their screen names. Try as we might the staff can’t catch them all, we can only to continue to encourage an environment of civility and respect.

That said, HTL has a zero tolerance policy for this sort of thing and this policy applies to everyone from the staff to the newest members without exception. We have always moderated with a very light hand and will continue to maintain our stance on governing by consensus. However the members of HTL’s staff have found themselves in a position of trust within the community, and thus we have a responsibility to uphold the community’s values and take appropriate action against anyone who crosses the line on our forums or uses our name or logo in a manner that contradicts what we stand for.

On behalf of the community the staff would once again like to extend our most sincere apologies to @Evil Chris Priestly. Your presence on our forums is greatly appreciated and we hope we can quickly put this incident behind us and continue to work together.

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