Miley, Hostgator Sucks, Good Posting Crime and Punishment

Unfortunately, our site was suspended by Hostgator last night at 830 PM PST and it’s just now getting back up.  This theme is NOT permanent but we will have to use it for the time being while we switch from a shared server.  It’s been a horrible week…

Our Miley Cyrus post has been moved to Tumblr.  I’ve been sick for the last two weeks, eventually culminating in an emergency wisdom tooth removal yesterday.  Instead of resting all hell broke loose and GeekMundo was shut down.  The main culprit being our successful Miley Cyrus post.

This was terrible timing.  We worked so hard, and despite my health I worked really hard on that post (God knows I could give a damn less about that child) but I created a post that I knew people would like.  And ultimately, we were penalized for that.

Life’s a fucking bitch sometimes.  So now you see our precious site has been stripped like King of Diamonds and it’s not great, and it’s not acceptable but it is the best I can do in the time being.

I’ve put in work for the last two years and it has been great the amount of love we’ve been shown over that post.  Miley’s ass is a hit!  However, it wasn’t good for our little “shared servers”… I guess it was handled poorly.  It was akin to being punished for doing something awesome.  Shit, here I thought when Hostgator says unlimited bandwidth and unlimited (insert bullcrap marketing here) they meant it.

So please be patient with us as we figure shit out over the next few days and week.  When we do come back, we’ll be back better than ever.  And like Miley says, “We can’t stop.  We won’t stop….”

How tragically apt…

From the desk of Lord Seattle Slim IV Esquire MBE