My Thoughts on the New Marvel Avengers Trailer

Mar 4, 2012

Yes, we are latesauce on this one. Better late than never, right? By now you have probably seen the new Marvel Avengers trailer. After watching the trailer a few times now, I’m not really happy with what I’m seeing with a few of the Avengers.

I am very excited by the new trailer footage. Mostly the part where Hulk catches Ironman falling shows Hulk as a team player.  This movie looks like it’s going to live up to the hype surrounding it.  I’m not too happy about them putting the Black Widow and Hawkeye in the movie as Avengers. I mean it just seems like the rest of the team is gonna have to put themselves out there to keep saving them because they have no super powers at all.  And Nick Fury being cast as black with Sam Jackson will be good.  All around I still think the movie will be amazing and will see it in 3D just for the effects.

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