Nerdist's All Kings Considered is the NPR Westeros Really Needs


As an NPR nerd–you don’t even want to know how many of their podcasts and shows I listen to–Nerdist’s latest project, All Kings Considered, is brilliant.  I’m mad that we didn’t think of it earlier!  The fine folks at Nerdist have taken a page out of NPR’s All Things Considered playbook and created a news/recap show with all the gravitas most fanboys and fangirls lack when it comes to video recaps, while remaining tongue-in-cheek (and shady).

Be warned, however, there are spoilers all up and through the video.

Two hosts — one more aligned with the no-holds-barred politics of the Lannister/Bolton clans, the other a hardline stick-to-your-morals Stark/Sparrows holier-than-thou kinda person, debate the changing political sphere of Game of Thrones every week within a format similar to modern political talk shows. Every episode would have three segments/acts — a straight, at the table debate over the political shifts in the previous night’s episode between the hosts (“The Boltons made a power play for the North, but are they the right family for this territory? Here’s point-counterpoint.”), an in-the-field segment where a field correspondent is reports from the aftermath of a major scene in the previous night’s episode (“I’m here at the site of a stabbing that occurred last night here at the Wall…”), and finally, an interview with an ancillary character that speculates on what may come next for the show.

You can catch All Kings Considered on Mondays at 12 PM PST.