New Gamescom RSI Presentation for STAR CITIZEN – GeekMundo

Here is the Gamescom presentation for RSI as they show off Star Citizen to an excited crowd. Me personally, I am just glad Chris Roberts is back in the game and doing what he does so damn well, a space sim for the master race that is PC. Yeah, yeah I know, all you console fanboys are crying saying you do not need a high end machine to make great games. Yes that is true, but a high end machine will make that great game freaking amazing and all that more epic while playing and enjoying the story. Star Citizen funding has recently passed $50million and there is so many ships unlocked. The next stretch goal is actually hiring a language expert to create three new languages for the aliens in Star Citizen. I do not know when Star Citizen will launch and I hope it can live up to the hype it is creating within the community. Mr. Roberts I do not know how long we will wait. I am here for now and waiting with my jaw on the floor. Enjoy!!!!

Plot Synopsis: The hum of the fusion drive reverberates through the ship’s hull. It reminds you that you should probably replace it soon. A quick check on the MobiGlas says there’s an Aegis showroom on the planet you’re heading to. Couldn’t hurt to see what they got, right? With the Credits you make delivering this cargo, you should be able to buy your ship a little treat. Besides, she’s your bread and butter. You roll on your side and look out the window at the vast yawning space outside. A distant planet silently orbits a dying sun.

Contact. You kick off the berth and slide into the pilot seat, taking the ship off Auto as you do. Correction, three contacts, pretty far out. Vanduul never raid this far into the Empire… your heart sinks as you mutter to yourself: “Pirates.” You keep bearing and speed, keep shields at current levels. Don’t do anything to make them think you’re itching to fight. You never know, they might just pass on by. You can’t tell what pack they belong to. You’ve run across pirates in the past, even done business with a few, maybe you’ll get lucky.

The three flash their engines and turn to engage you. You charge your shields up full and heat up your guns. You swear to yourself, if you make it through this, to hell with living on the straight and narrow. Times are too tight. You can’t afford to keep losing loads. It keeps going like this, you might have to become a pirate tomorrow. The pirates fan out in an attack formation… but first, you have to make it through today.

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