New LOGAN Trailer Is Absolutely Amazing to 'Hurt' – GeekMundo

This first trailer for the new Wolverine movie titled Logan is absolutely amazing. Really hoping 20th Century Fox can get this movie right and it really sucks that it has to be with old man Logan. We get to see a world where most mutants are dead and gone. It shows Logan at his lowest and hurting the most. It shows a Logan that seems to be the saddest he has ever been and ready to die. He is not healing like he use to, he has scarring now and he has grey hair and beard. Being a fan of the X-Men and Wolverine, he was my favorite X-Men. Wolverine was the one comic that was regularly bought every time a new issue dropped. Having to see one of my favorite characters at their lowest is really hard but looks like an amazing movie. Its rumored that Mister Sinister is gonna be the villain in this one. The little girl is a clone of wolverine. Could it be revealed that she is his daughter and not a clone? Come on, Logan has been around for how many centuries and he has never fathered any children? Would make sense that she is still young as Logan has slow aging. The Reavers and Weapon X are also gonna make an appearance to cause the aging Logan some serious problems. Why has it taken 20th Century Fox to finally make a badass Wolverine movie? Really hope Logan comes through and kicks ass. Logan hits theaters March 3rd. It is directed by James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant and Dafne Keen.

Plot Synopsis: Logan is aging and not healing like he use to. He is facing menacing enemies in Mister Sinister, Reavers and Weapon X all the while protecting a dying Professor X and young female clone of himself.