New Viral Audio from PROMETHEUS is PAINFUL to listen to!

Featured, Movies — By Sword of the Morning @SeattleSlim on May 3, 2012 5:17 pm

You know Ridley Scott and company are doing something right. A big round of applause for the geniuses behind Prometheus viral campaign, because they are winning right now. In the latest viral clip from the much anticipated prequel to Alien, we hear all hell breaking loose, flesh being slurped like it was a big plate of spaghetti and some poor guy yelling to get it off. I dare you to sit there and not grimace…

Some people thought it could be a face hugger. I’m going on the record as saying the alien “fetus” or whatever the hell it is, is coming out of a very uncomfortable part of this guy’s body. I’m putting my money on his “magic stick.” *slams down money*

What do YOU think is going on in the audio?