Noomi Rapace And Michael Fassbender Talk Prometheus – Geek Mundo

Here is an interview with Noomi Rapace and Micheal Fassbender talking about their time on the set of Prometheus.  Rapace seems to have had a great time actually working with a set, having set pieces to react to instead of a green screen like she thought it would be. I can’t lie I’m very happy Scott used a set instead of going the way of Hollywood and using a green screen for everything. I’m kinda concerned about the fact  that when asked what he thought of the film  Michael Fassbender’s only word was epic.  It did seem he was not thrilled about the final cut of the movie.  Rapace and Fassbender did talk about the deleted scenes and whether or not they would make it onto the Blu-ray/DVD cut of the film. I won’t give any spoilers about the end scene so if you haven’t seen the movie yet do not watch the part where Rapace talks about her deleted scenes. Fassbender doesn’t reveal anything so you’re good watching him discuss his deleted scenes.


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