Our Top 5 Favorite Captain America Equivalents! – Geek Mundo

Jun 4, 2012

We love Captain America here at GeekMundo and apparently the entire world does too. Well, they loved him so much that a few artists wanted to see what it would be like to have comic book hero like Captain America for their own countries. We love those too! Here are our top five favorite Captain America equivalents!

Some people call them ripoffs. We prefer to refer to them as equivalents.

1. Guardian

Never one to be outdone, Canada has its own guardian and protector in Guardian. His abilities are pretty cool, especially being able to mess with the Earth’s rotation to travel super fast. He actually part of the Marvel Universe as well, so he’s not just a concept. He’s legit.

2. Captain Britain

Captain Britain is also another member of the Marvel universe who was modeled after Captain America. His powers don’t come from Tony Stark’s pops though. His power was bestowed upon him by who else? Merlyn! He also goes by the name of Britannic.

3. Captain Japan

He’s just a concept, but it’s one we could get behind. Although, if we were to give him powers and tools, he’s have a gundam of his own.

4. Captain Africa

Captain Africa–not the silly one from the Fifties–first appeared in 1990 for Die Hard Studios. He is skilled at gadgetry and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. He’s actually a prince of Egyptica named Najee M’Witu.

5. Captain Malaysia

And well, we added Captain Malaysia because this photoshop job is just THAT friggin’ hilarious!

Inspired by Izismile