PAX Australia 2014 Dates, New Venue Announced

If you’re planning on being in Australia next year about this time, or are living there already, start looking at booking your hotels and budgeting for those passes because Penny Arcade Expo Australia will be back with a vengeance from October 31st to November 2nd, 2014.

PAX Australia moved to the much larger Melbourne Convention Centre to accommodate the number of attendees after this year’s incredible reception.  From what we’ve seen of the event, Australians showed up in full force to show some serious love to PAX.

Here are some more details from our friends at PAX Australia:

The world’s premier games festival, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), will return to Melbourne in 2014 after a critically successful sold out inaugural year in 2013. Community demand will see the show move to the larger Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, to be held from 31 October to 2 November 2014…

The 2013 show completely sold out of tickets months before the event itself, as a result, PAX Australia 2014 will move to the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre in order to increase its capacity.

Ms Asher said the Victorian Coalition Government is a major sponsor of the event and played an important role in securing PAX Australia 2013 and 2014 for Victoria.

“PAX Australia is a fantastic opportunity to show off the breadth and diversity of Victoria’s games development community,” Ms Asher said.

PAX Australia 2014 will build on the success of the 2013 event and will combine exciting international and local content with community events. International guests, speakers, musicians and developers will join local game industry representatives to showcase games and community events in Australia. PAX Australia is also supported by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association and the Game Developers Association of Australia.

Robert Khoo, President of Penny Arcade said Melbourne has been an incredible home for PAX, and the Victorian Government has been as accommodating as the fans.

“Not only have they helped us secure a much-needed larger venue for the show, but they’ve paved the way for talented local creators to be showcased on the global stage. The games community here is incredible, and PAX Australia is here to stay,” Mr Khoo said.

PAX Australia will be held at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre from 31 October and 2 November, 2014 and will be run by ReedPOP in conjunction with Penny Arcade.

There have been some complaints that the dates they chose would be a serious issue as far as booking hotels, in addition to the sheer number of people who will be in Melbourne.  In case you didn’t know–and I sure as hell didn’t–Melbourne Cup Day is like the Kentucky Derby, except it’s a holiday in Australia.  Apparently that weekend is always super busy and put PAX and something like that together, people are going to get a little worried.  Still, I love stuff like that!  Talk about LIVE!

I’d love to go… If I could only get over my fear of Australia’s massive spiders.