PAX PRIME 2015 Huge Post of Goodness – GeekMundo

I had an amazing time attending PAX Prime 2015 this year in Seattle, WA. It was fun and crowded. It was my first time attending, and boy, was it overwhelming. I saw some amazing things YouTube gamers and “stars” like PewDiePie, and the filming of The Bulletin. I mainly attended to go to the 405th meet up on the Saturday morning of the Con. PAX Prime is the primo convention to attend if you focus on gaming. Here are some of the amazing shots from the convention and the Halo meet up.

There are close to 100 more photos from PAX on the GeekMundo Facebook page.  Don’t forget to like the page, and check out all the flicks.  Did you attend PAX Prime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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