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Bestselling artist Skottie Young (Fortunately, the Milk, Rocket Raccoon, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz) and Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz) debut the creator-owned series, I HATE FAIRYLAND—which was first announced at Image Expo in July—nears its launch date of Wednesday, October 14th with growing enthusiasm within the comics industry and has collected high praise from critics early on.

Early praise for I HATE FAIRYLAND:

“Young gives readers a fun, fast-paced story that covers a lot of ground in the fantasy world… Readers looking for the lost tone of classic animation work will consider a visit to Fairyland time well spent.” —Comic Book Resources

“Watching childhood dreams brutally slaughtered has never been more enjoyable.” —

“It’s not often books like I Hate Fairyland come along. You’ll be both disturbed and entertained at the same time.” —Comic Vine

“One of the sickest, twisted, and most subversive comic books I’ve ever read. When I turned the last page, I was offended, grossed out, and shocked—but all I wanted in life was the next issue in my hands.” —

“Pure, distilled FUN from cover to cover” —Francesco Francavilla

“Awesomely twisted—irreverent and inventive and crazy fun.” —Scott Snyder

“A masterpiece.” —Jonathan Hickman

“Funny, smart and incredibly original. One of the most imaginative and entertaining comics I have ever read.” —Brian Lynch, writer of the Minions movie

I Hate Fairyland is sculpted out of Skottie Young’s rainbow-colored brain meat and then hammer-smashed into the pages of a comic book.” —Dennis Hopeless

“Pure uncut Skottie Young awesomeness. Like a bag of Angel Dust in comic book form. Only Crazier.” —Jason Aaron

I Hate Fairyland is so damn good that I now kinda hate Skottie Young a little. It’s SO much fun.” —Gerry Duggan

“Top notch, man.” —Jim Mahfood, Grrl Scouts, Miami Vice

“I haven’t seen this much cartoon violence since that fever dream when I was six.” —Kaare Andrews

“Verdict: SO FLUFFING INCREDIBLE! Slug Lord FTW!” —Ryan Ottely

“A fulfillment of the promise of Image Comics, the pure creative vision of a writer/artist at the top of his game. It’s Skottie Young unleashed to do what he was born to do, make awesome and stuff it into comic pages.” —Jason Howard

“I don’t know who snuck into Skottie Young’s mind and unleashed its darkest specters all across I Hate Fairyland, but I would like to shake their hand and buy them a flagon of flapper-fluff blood beer. Gorgeous, technicolor-twisted and fun as hell, this is a book handcrafted by a maniac for maniacs… with a soft cuddly side.” —Joe Kelly
Satirizing the typical Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz fantasy tale of a young girl dropped in a magical, irritatingly joyful kingdom, I HATE FAIRYLAND explores what would happen if someone was kept on steady diet of gumdrops and sunshine for years.

I HATE FAIRYLAND introduces readers to Gertrude, a snarky, slightly deranged 40-year-old with a battle axe who happens to be trapped in a Shirley Temple-esque body and confined to the technicolor funworld that is Fairyland. This is an all-new series full of morbid, dark humor and snark—perfect for fans of Invader Zim and Fight Club.

I HATE FAIRYLAND hits stores on Wednesday, October 14th.