Prop Company eFX Unveiling Marvel Universe Replica Line

Entertainment, Featured, Geekdom — By Lexy Luthor–The Geek Mami on January 31, 2012 7:48 am

Marvel nerds and enthusiasts rejoice! eFX, a prop replica firm, is set to unveil a line of Marvel Universe replicas this year. Can I get a replica of Misty Knight’s bionic arm, please?

Prop replica and collectable specialist eFX is to unveil a new line based on the film and comic characters in the Marvel Universe. The company has snapped up the worldwide rights to create Marvel collectables and is due to unveil its line in the first quarter of 2012. Included in the initial collection will be a Captain America shield, Thor’s hammer and a full-scale Iron Man Mark V mask.

In addition to prop replicas and high-end collectables, eFC will also offer a series of items inspired by the Marvel characters and properties. Prices are expected to range from $49 to $1,500+.

It may be a pretty penny on some items, but a good replica is worth the money if you have it, right? Which replicas would you look forward to?


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