Raunchtastic Trailer for POLITICAL ANIMALS on USA – Geek Mundo

Usually when you think of USA, you think about relatively safe shows like ‘Psych’ and ‘Royal Pains’… I guess the network is trying to get in on some of that FX action (who can forget the sex scene between Jax and Ima in ‘Sons of Anarchy’?), because the new trailer for ‘Political Animals’ starring Carla Gugino, Sigourney Weaver and Carla Gugino (among others) is pretty raunchy…

Written by [Greg] Berlanti, the Washington DC-based series is a fictional look at a former first family that exposes a dynasty weakened by political ambition, lust and greed. It centers on Elaine Barrish (Weaver), the divorced former First Lady and newly appointed Secretary of State who throws herself into the job after recovering from the dissolution of her marriage and losing the presidential nomination. Barrish relies heavily on her son Doug (James Wolk), an ambitious politico who serves as her chief of staff, but is tormented by his twin brother’s struggles with addiction. With a philandering ex-husband who is still as much in love with her as the office he once held, she attempts to keep her family together, while simultaneously dealing with crises of the State Department and a hungry DC journalist bent on destroying her career.

‘Political Animals’ is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, July 15th at 10 PM. This is going to be good and very intriguing.