Review: DAMSELS IN EXCESS #2 – GeekMundo

Well, after that huge bomb drop in Damsels in Excess #1 regarding Princess Bethany’s parentage,  it’s  not surprising that all hell broke loose, polarizing the princesses who promptly drew up their battle lines.  It was clear.  Either you were for the mens’ dying decree to have Bethany executed, or you were ready and willing to ignore it, and fight anyone who had anything to say about it.

When you first meet Princess Barra, Princess Bethany, Princess Ilina, Princess Kimberlein, and Princess Kaleena, you expect a quintet of vapid female characters, but by Damsels in Excess #2, it becomes patently clear that they are lot more “complicated”.  For example, Princess Kimberlein has been very vocal that there is no reason to pay any heed to wishes of a “dying gender” (I agree… They’re dead).  Princess Kaleena agrees in her own way, and when confronted with the fact that her subjects might rise up in rebellion she makes it very clear that she is not above using violence (I don’t blame her) to keep them in line.

For whatever reason, Princess Barra is hellbent on following the decree to have Bethany killed, but I question her motives.  I don’t trust her, and I believe she has ulterior motives for being so quick to act on something that ultimately doesn’t affect them at moment.  Valeria, the  Queen of Shadows, also shares a little of her story detailing her experience after the death of King Daviden.  I’m not convinced I should hate her yet.  Valeria seems indifferent, but not as wicked as one would assume in reading her story, and she’s the epitome of  a woman scorned.

Writer Vince Hernandez has created an enchanting story that will keep even the most picky comic book fans fascinated.  There’s humor and there’s darkness, and I found myself wondering what would happen if for some awful reason there were no more men around… Aside from it being wonderful for maintaining a fresh, clean toilet.  Hernandez also took a measured approach to getting us even better acquainted  with the princesses which is so appreciated.  I hate when writers do too much too soon sometimes.  He’s also created five very different women, but they’re all equally strong.  These are not your Disney princess archetypes.  They will not be pining for a prince.  There aren’t any, so they handle business on their own.

I have to give major props to Mirka Andolfo, who did the pencils and colors, and Simone Di Meo, who did inks, because Damsels in Excess #2 is as visually dazzling as the first issue.  The colors are rich and bold, and the expressions are fantastic.  My only issue with the art is the slight variation in Princess Kimberlein’s skin tone.  Sometimes she seems fair-skinned, other times she seems either really tanned or olive-skinned.  This is minor, however.

Ultimately, I would like to see how these women have managed these all-female realms so well considering the very real  possibility that humanity, at least in their corners of the “world”, will die out unless they manage to address their man shortage.  I trust Hernandez will address this because I’m sure it’s on every reader’s mind.  I’m so here for Damsels in Excess, and I’ll be impatiently waiting for the third issue.