Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR – First International Trailer

Ridley Scott proves once again that he is true to the game with this awesome  international trailer–albeit in Russian–for his new thriller The Counselor.  Slated for release on October 25th, the film centers on a lawyer (Michael Fassbender) who gets involved in some nefarious drug trafficking and his relationship with the wealthy and eccentric Reiner (Javier Bardem).  Penelope Cruz plays “Laura”, Fassbender’s girlfriend and Cameron Diaz plays “The Blonde”, Bardem’s ride or die chick.

From the trailer we see not only style, but darkness and a sense of scheming, in addition to ill-gotten opulence and decadence for the sake of being decadent.  Ridley Scott paints a picture of rich people with too much time on their hands and way too much money than they know to do with, as witnessed by the pet cheetahs all over the place.  I’m already in love with this…  Check it out:

From what I understood of the trailer (thanks Uncle Sam for teaching me Russian!), someone is accusing Westray (Brad Pitt) of not having any friends for some reason or the other.  Westray then responds with a quip that it might indicate that they can’t be or something like that.  Hey, I’m not being paid to translate it full tilt so there.  Penelope Cruz asks Fassbender if he is grateful at all and the trailer ends.

I think Ridley Scott is back with a winner.  What do you think?

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