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So I haven’t liked Ron Pearlman’s Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy for a while since it was hinted that he killed or helped kill Jax’s father and then started playing daddy to him. You can’t trust him, he is always about self first and foremost and club second. And now after the last episode we finally found out Clay and his guys are behind the home invasions happening in Charming. I had wished Jax would have been able to kill him the last season but that prick Irishman only wanted to deal with Clay and not Jax. So he’s the only real reason why Clay is alive. Here’s what Ron had to say to THR about season 5 of Sons of Anarchy and his character: SPOILERS AHEAD, SPOILERS AHEAD

“I actually started off this season trying to play this character in a weakened state, and in a more introspective state,” Perlman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Only to find out later that he’s not taking the time to figure shit out. He’s going to work immediately on correcting these things that he considers to be wrong.”

“When we hit the reset button for Clay, there was a million different directions that his journey could have gone,”

“The notion to have him immediately take measures to gain back the club, by any means possible, even if they are as nefarious as this, was [creator] Kurt [Sutter]’s choice,” says Perlman.

“There’s a determination on both their parts to settle scores,” he says. “What this season is going to be is this obsession of Jax’s to try to get the club more in the spirit of the anti-Clay. And the obsession of Clay to try to unearth the fact that Jax is not ready to lead because he’s too much like his dad.”

“Everything that we thought we knew about this world has been turned on it’s head,” says Perlman. “No one feels safe — No one feels safe that they’re even going to make it to the next episode.”

“I’ve only known for three or four days where I end up in season five,” he says. “I have zero idea where I start out in season six, much less whether I make it to season seven — I don’t even know if I’ll make it to season six. I really don’t. That’s the cliffhanger of this year. Is that for the first time you are left to wonder, ‘what the f—?’”

After reading the interview and having seen every episode since season 1 I really can’t wait for Clay to get his and oh it better by good damn it. I don’t know if Sutter can shock us anymore after Opie’s death unless he kills of Jax somehow but WTF would Kurt be thinking? On the other hand he does like shocking us fans of Sons of Anarchy so you never know. But seriously, don’t do it, no like really don’t do it.

Let us know what you think of season 5 of Sons of Anarchy. Are you a fan? Are you mad about the deaths so far?

Interview courtesy of HollywoodReporter.

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