Samsung Galaxy S4 Gamepad: Should You Buy?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Gamepad: Is it worth getting?*Guest Post*

So strong is the demand for Samsung Galaxy S4 that the manufacturer has busted out the first list of accessories to complement the powerful smartphone. Among them, mobile gamers are sure to spot the Galaxy S4 Gamepad easily. Some retailers in the United States have gone as far as listing the accessory for pre-ordering, but at a rather hefty price tag. The cute albeit familiar look of the peripheral aside, is it worth it to purchase one?

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Overcome the demand first

Getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 during the first few weeks of its release in the US can be a challenge in itself, as the sudden surge of demand has delayed product release for some mobile carriers. (Some US networks however, such as Verizonwireless have moved release date a week earlier to capitalize on the high demand). The controller, though, is a different story – Samsung has yet to announce an official release date for the gaming peripheral. The mobile community is expecting the gamepad to come out shortly after the smartphone’s global release dates, possibly this May.

Hello Microsoft?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Gamepad is clad in an all-white shell to match the phone’s White Frost case. At first glance, gamers won’t fail to notice the striking similarities of the gaming peripheral with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller. From the color schemes used for the shell and the buttons, to the form factor of the device itself, one cannot avoid questioning its design choice. Nevertheless, the controller looks simple, compact and beautifully crafted. But then, what really impresses us is not just the looks of the controller, but what it can do.

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Incorporating NFC and Bluetooth connectivity

Samsung’s cute little gamepad connects to the phone using Bluetooth – the same wireless technology that is used by game consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. With Bluetooth and NFC Tectile, users can pair their nifty little Gamepad to their Galaxy S4 handsets with little to no effort necessary. Bluetooth also ensures users of a stable connection between the accessory and the phone for uninterrupted gaming pleasure.

Play remotely or portably

Coupled with the Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock Multimedia Hub, users can hook up the Galaxy S4 handset to an HDTV via HDMI, turning their powerful mobile phone into a gaming console. Games can then be controlled using the Galaxy S4 Gamepad remotely as with home game consoles. They can also pull out the Galaxy S4 Gamepad’s top side to reveal a notched cradle, and slip their smartphone onto the cradle to convert it into a full portable game console. Playing with a big display at home or on the go has never been easier.

Huge game support

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Gamepad, according to Samsung will support eight games upon release. It will be bundled with the controller as it ships. Samsung promises of support and compatibility for another 80 Android game titles including Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more. With Samsung’s track record for support, expect the Gamepad to support more titles in the future.

Worth the price?

While Samsung has yet to release any information on the Galaxy S4 Gamepad’s launch and pricing, a few mobile retailers in the US have already upped the cute gaming peripheral for pre-orders. How much? US-based MobileFun lists the pre-order price for the gamepad on a rather steep $114. While most Galaxy fanatics won’t mind the heavy price tag for first dibs, other users would rather wait until the price drops considerably. Regardless, it looks pretty cool and would be a nice addition to must-have accessories and peripherals for Samsung’s powerhouse phone. What do you think of this accessory?

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