Sean Bean to Star in TNT Drama LEGENDS

‘Game of Thrones’ season 1 alum Sean Bean returns to television in a new psychological drama scheduled to premiere on TNT, and we couldn’t be happier.  Let’s hope he doesn’t die in the first season…

Deadline reports that Bean will be playing the lead role in the pilot for ‘Legends’ after Brendan Fraser dropped the role.  If you’re worried about whether or not ‘Legends’ will be any good, take heart.  It will be produced by ‘Homeland’ producer Howard Gordon.

Sean will play clandestine operative Martin Odum, a man with the ability to turn into a different person depending on the assignment at hand.  I’m already thinking this has excellent potential to be a good series for TNT.  ’Legends’ is based on the Robert Littell novel of the same name.  Here’s a synopsis from

A female CIA executive looks frighteningly like Fred Astaire, while a former top agent works as a PI out of a former pool parlor above a nondescript Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. The detective’s name seems to be Martin Odum, but “Fred Astaire” calls him Dante, and he also goes by Lincoln Dittmann, the name of a Civil War enthusiast whose cartons of memorabilia sit unopened in Martin’s office. Is Martin Odum himself a “legend”—a fake identity dreamed up in the dark imagination of the CIA? Because he needs the work, Martin agrees to help an old Russian KGB agent find his Israeli daughter’s husband and persuade the man to give her a “get”—a divorce decree required by religious law. The husband has been pretending he’s Jewish to cover up his link to a Russian criminal called the Oligarkh. As the bodies of his friends and clients begin to pile up, Odum searches for answers about not only the missing husband but also himself.

My interest is piqued.  I think a good spy drama is perfect for primetime television, and Bean’s such an excellent actor and bona fide bad ass that this role sounds perfect for him.  What do you think?