SHARK WEEK: Top 8 Cutest Sharks on the Internet – GeekMundo

I’m not a cat person.  I’m a dog person.  Hell, I’m a python person, but I’m not into cats.  To be honest, I actually find sharks kind of cute.  It’s easy for me to feel that way because I don’t live in an area where I could get my ass bitten and/or digested by sharks.  Naturally, I live for Shark Week every year, and relish seeing the ocean’s apex predators doing what they do best.

Sharks don’t get enough recognition for being adorable sometimes.  Sure, they have razor sharp teeth, and their jaws dislocate when they take a bite out of something, but they’re really kind of cute, guys.  Much cuter than cats IMHO.  To prove my point, I’ve rounded up the eight cutest sharks I could find on the net for your perusal.  Behold!!!

The happy-go-lucky great white shark

The slightly unsure of himself shark

This great white shark just wants a hug, man!

This shark is still totally adorbz even if he’d make an hors d’oeuvre out of your leg.

This baby shark is petrified by the camera

This poor guy’s just minding his business, preying and shit.

This great white is showing us his good side…

This guy just wants to welcome you to the water!

Look at that smile!  Cute, am I right?  We’ve got more Shark Week stuff coming your way, because we honestly live for it!  Got anymore cute shark pics?  Share them with us!