SNDTRK: “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez – AHS: Freak Show Trailer – GeekMundo

Last night, a new extended trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show (season 4) aired during The Strain, and it apparently has set the internet on fire.  The disturbing “Voyeur” trailer (which you can see on the AHS Facebook page) features glimpses at Angela Bassett’s three-breasted woman as she provocatively rubs perfume over her, uhh, ample bosom; Evan Peter’s lobster boy character, Sarah Paulson’s two-headed woman, Jessica Lange looking marvelous, Michael Chiklis lifting with a woman on his shoulders, and Kathy Bates getting her beard touched up.  It’s an awesomely well done trailer, but the music is what helps make it so alluring.  Yes, it’s got a little circus vibe to it–thanks to some well placed accordion riffs–but it’s modern.

The song featured is “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez, a former contestant on NBC’s The Voice in 2012.  She didn’t win then, but she’s clearly winning now because everybody wants to download this song.  I’ve been gigging to it all day.  “Carousel” features a ton of bass, but like I said earlier, the accordion really gives it a kitschy, slightly disturbing, Carnivàleworthy feel.  I love how the track has elements of 80s and 90s R&B and synth-pop, but then adds Hip Hop bass from out of this world.  They couldn’t have picked a better song if you ask me.  In fact, if you get the chance, check out her entire Dollhouse EP.  If you’re a fan of songs with deeper meanings, and darker undertones, check out “Dollhouse”.