SNDTRK: “Certified Samurai” – Afro Samurai – GeekMundo

“Dreams put on hold, like operators standing by…”

That’s just one of many of Talib Kweli’s lyrical witticisms on “Certified Samurai” off the Afro Samurai soundtrack presented by Wu-Tang Clan super-producer and emcee, The RZA.

I still hope for an Afro Samurai movie every day that I wake up, but until then, I will always have the DVDs and the soundtrack to tide me over.

RZA killed the Kill Bill soundtrack, so  it was natural for him to be the curator for the album.  It also made a lot of sense, because Wu-Tang is has always been about that urban samurai and shaolin life.

“Certified Samurai” has a ton of sick references and witty punchlines, but the beat is also on point.  The minute you hear it, you know RZA’s been there.  Of all the tracks on the album, this is one is the best IMHO.

Check it out below: