SNDTRK: “Fat Girls” by Briki Fa President Feat. Ninene – GeekMundo

The opening skit to Briki fa President’s “Fat Girls” featuring Ninene might be a comical look at not fitting into one’s jeans, and immediately wanting to diet, but all jokes are put aside the minute Briki goes for the kill with “I don’t care if you’re a hundred pounds, 200 pounds, 300 pounds, 400 pounds/If you a fat girl, then hold it down/pick it up, then drop it down.”

I was on TokyoxVanity’s (the Instagram celeb that brought us the “Best Friend” soundbyte/diddy) IG page when she posted a quick snippet of this song.  I immediately went over to Briki’s Instagram, found the link to the video on YouTube, and decided that I could not continue to exist without the song on my workout playlist.

I’ve been playing “Fat Girls”, a remix of Future’s “F*ck Up Some Commas”, off his latest release Dirty Sprite 2, ever since, and I can’t listen to it without activating my ass into twerk mode.  There will be people who get hung up on appearances, or “the message”, or God knows what else.  Those are all valid concerns, but unless you go about complaining about magic not being real while watching Harry Potter movies, those concerns can, and should be cast aside.

One reason is that Briki’s flow is devastating.  Her voice is guttural, making her delivery all the more efficient, because to extol the virtues of being a “fat girl” today requires nothing less than 100% confidence.  And just when you start to bop your head, and go with the cadence of her flow, she switches it up, and picks up the tempo, giving your body permission to go freakin’ off.

How I look bopping to “Fat Girls”… Yes, I go off./Via Giphy

And in a move reminiscent of a Tekken tag match, Ninene brings up the rear with lyrics that are sexually confident, and so full of bravado, they rival any male rapper’s in raunch factor… And I fucking love it.

The lyrics contain your standard hip-hop memes, sure, but the message here is self-confidence.  Briki  and Ninene both challenge the idea that being fat can’t equal pretty by default, which is something I welcome, mainly because, I love to see people love themselves.  Ninene quips, “Who say she pretty for a fat girl/Don’t say it again with yo’ ignant ass”, and I immediately love her for letting people know that they are ignorant for having the nerve to say that to someone who is plus-sized.  Not only is the track a club banger, but it’s got a refreshing message, too.  I’m all for it…  Whether you’re losing weight (I listen to it on during cardio sessions), or don’t give a damn what the scale says, this song is on point.

And I’m voting Briki for President, and Ninene for Veep in 2016.