SNDTRK: “Gollum's Song” by Emiliana Torrini (LOTR)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers may be over a decade old, but it’s still an amazing film; one of Peter Jackson’s best in fact.  Naturally, a movie of that scope, one that takes on an epic by J.R.R. Tolkien, has to have a glorious soundtrack.  That’s where “Gollum’s Song” by Emiliana Torrini comes in.

Bjork was originally supposed to sing “Gollum’s Song”, but had to pull out due to pregnancy, so Torrini picked up the ball and totally ran with it.  Emiliana’s voice is like a soothing downpour, calming yet forceful, as she perfectly conveys what not just Gollum may have been feeling, but anyone who has ever been betrayed may feel.  The song lyrics and music are great, but it takes a special kind of voice to bring to life the emotion in the song.  Every time this song comes up on my Just Chill playlist, I put it on repeat.  I never get tired of hearing this song.  From a classical music lover’s standpoint, the musical arrangement (The strings, my God!) is simply stunning.