SNDTRK: “Subwoofer Lullaby” by C418 via MINECRAFT – GeekMundo

Today’s SNDTRK features “Subwoofer Lullaby” and its intoxicating melody.  I will never forget the day I fell in love with Mojang’s Minecraft.  It was my 30th birthday.  One of the mini-geeks was talking about it all the time, and fell in love with it on Xbox, so I got in on the action.

I almost missed my birthday party.  Yes, I’d gone own the rabbit hole that was (and is) playing the video game phenomenon, and just barely dragged myself out.  The first thing that lulled me into Minecraft, and what makes it ever so easy for me to sit in the same room whenever someone plays it and still feel at peace, is the soundtrack.  I remember when I first heard “Subwoofer Lullaby” (I have it on repeat as I type this BTW).  It was like the soundtrack to falling.  Make no mistake, the song would be perfect on the soundtrack for anything that deals with depth and human emotion.  Even reading the comments for the video on YouTube, you will find people who have attached a deeper meaning and or memories to this song.  You can’t do that for every tune.  If one’s journey to self-discovery needed theme music, this would be it.

Yup, total nirvana right now.