SNDTRK: “The Night Begins to Shine” Via Teen Titans Go! – GeekMundo

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People give the Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! a hard time because they’re stuck up or don’t get it they believe it’s “for the children” but it’s actually really good and extremely hilarious.  The show has gone “meta” several times even breaking the fourth wall just to poke fun at the people still whining and complaining about the Teen Titans or Young Justice glory days.

The latest episode to go meta and reference everything from the Transformers G1 to Hulk Hogan’s signature ring moves made iconic in the 80s, “40%, 40%, 20%“, Cyborg has “The Night Begins to Shine” by B.E.R., this amazingly retro, synth-heavy song stuck in his head that the Titans try to get him to stop playing and singing all the time.  Long story short, they end up in a jam and the only person that can save them is Cyborg.  The problem is he needs the song to get the job done.  As he goes on this epic sci-fi fantasy inspired quest the song plays in the background.  Oh, it’s awesome.  It’s got robotic unicorns, lots of neon, 80s new wave art, and anime references that are reminiscent of Akira.

Check it out for yourself:

If you love the song enough you can actually pick it up on iTunes.  Yes, it was that popular.  I already downloaded it because it is the perfect soundtrack for my cyberpunk fantasies.  Don’t judge… You know you have them too.