SNDTRK: Twin Limb “Don't Even Think” – GeekMundo

via Facebook/Twin Limb

It’s been a while since I dropped a SNDTRK for you but I hope this latest joint makes up for it.  “Don’t Even Think” by trio Twin Limb was so haunting and so atmospheric that I couldn’t pass up on posting it.

Let me be clear, I am not a fan of the music video for the most part.  I feel like low budget doesn’t automatically mean that all kinds of effects should be used to compensate, I did dig the shots where each member of the band played each instrument simultaneously.  More of that would have been awesome.  Anyway, I was doubtful that I would like “Don’t Even Think” because I am picky about my rock music but I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed.  And then I started thinking how awesome this song would be playing during one of those movie montages in a drama or action film where one of the characters is going through some sort of transformative, life changing moment.

One well placed commercial or scene and Twin Limb could blow up.  It has worked for others…

So, listen to the song (with your eyes closed if necessary) and tell me what you think.