Some Guy Made a Trailer for The Fappening and It's Awesome

For the people in the back that just came in from Neptune, yesterday was an unprecedented day in celebrity nudes after an anonymous hacker group let loose hundreds of images and videos of celebrities bucket naked.  The naked ones were the more PG ones.  From what I’ve read, there was some straight up porn-worthy fuckery let loose on the internet masses, and it was dubbed The Fappening.  It seemed like everyone and their mom was hacked.  Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Meagan Good, Keke Palmer, Kate Upton, and a bunch of other chicks were basically put on front street.  Like I said, I didn’t see all the photos.  I’m still waiting for a kind hacker to let loose some material for heterosexual females and gay guys who are into actors, not actresses.

Anyway, YouTuber razmiga made the trailer for the one event that almost shut down the internet.  Meanwhile, Apple and the FBI are investigating the iCloud hack.  And Samsung laughs… At least in my head they are.

No chill…  Speaking of no chill, Twitter has suspended my account for retweeting a meme featuring Randy Orton doing the RKO on JLaw in one of the leaked pics.  I’m working to get my shit back, but I’ll probably create an alternate Twitter account in the meantime.