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It looks like we’ll be getting a sequel to Stephen King’s classic book, The Shining. What’s more, it looks like it will feature Danny Torrance fighting a band of traveling vampires called The Tribe. Oh, this oughta be good…

Reading an excerpt from his latest work-in-progress at a George Mason University event, Stephen King has confirmed what has long been rumoured: he is indeed writing a sequel to his early classic The Shining.

Danny does survive the ordeal though, and its his story that the new book, Dr Sleep, picks up in adulthood. Few details have been revealed so far, but the excerpt that King read at the George Mason event featured a roving troop of vampires called The Tribe.

The original involved young Danny Torrance and his imaginary friend Tony (“the little boy that lives in my mouth”) spending a hellish winter at the Overlook Hotel with his writer father Jack, who’s gradually losing his mind: the great question is whether the hotel is haunting Jack or Jack is haunting the hotel. Either way, it doesn’t end well.

Danny vs. vampires? It seems initially like an idea from way out of leftfield, but we’d suggest that what’s likely is that this is another post-Dark Tower example of King tying his universe together: not a Shining sequel per se, but simply a new novel that happens to include Danny Torrance. Some time ago there were rumours of King writing a ‘Salem’s Lot follow-up involving a drifting Father Callahan (another recurring character) with vampires in tow. Could Dr Sleep be that same book?

I’d be willing to bet directors and producers are chomping at the bit and hoping for a chance to get this turned into a movie, series, or whatever. I am wondering about the vampires though. Is this a good look, or did King get into the heavily saturated vampire market for shits and giggles?

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