The Babadook Trailer Is Probably the Scariest Ever – GeekMundo

If you’re a horror film fan, this new trailer for The Babadook is a must-watch, I don’t care where you’re at.  If you’re at work, figure something out.  On the train?  Figure.  It.  Out.

I watched the trailer for this Australian horror flick alone in my room and had to resist the urge to look behind me.  That’s when I knew The Babadook was a horror film that meant business.  The film stars Essie Davis and Noah Wieseman as a mother and troubled son who discover a book titled Mr. Babadook about an evil, shadowy entity that enters the home for nefarious purposes.  According to Deadline, it was super popular at Sundance, with IFC films snatching it up for release this November.  Look at God!

I swear when I heard that horrid voice say, “Baaaa-baaaaa-dooooook,” I almost died.