The Complete David Bowie Book Review – Geek Mundo

As a fan of David Bowie, I was so excited to get this book to review because I am just in love with the man as an artist, actor, fashion icon, and musician.  Few artists in this day and age could ever reach the level David Bowie has reached and even fewer can say they have become a longtime icon for decades, reinventing themselves while still remaining relevant.  This is why The Complete David Bowie is a must-have for any die-hard fan of this pop culture icon.

Granted, you don’t have to be a ride or die fan of of Bowie’s work, but this massive book is not for the type of fan that only appreciates “Let’s Dance” and nothing more.  You have to live for Bowie and his work to truly appreciate this book, in one degree or the other.  Seriously, the book is hefty enough to make Leo Tolstoy ask, “Why’d you write so much?”  It’s necessary though.  If anything The Complete David Bowie has no choice because you can’t be that iconic and relevant without amassing a large body of work.

Coming in at a commanding 736 pages you can be sure to expect anything but light reading on the beach, and weighs in at an equally commanding almost five pounds.   Have no fear, after an informative introduction filled with quotes from Bowie himself and glimpses into his career, Pegg included a section on how to use the book.  However, I found it unnecessary because, honestly, upon examining the book the first time, I knew from jump that it was to be used as more of a reference as opposed to the type of literature you just sit down and read while drinking tea, although you could do that too.

Everything you could ever want to know about Bowie’s songs from A to Z, albums (soundtracks, compilations, other artists’ albums, etc.), BBC radio sessions, videos, acting work, writing and artistry, including live events are included.  An additional “Easter egg” if you will is the apocrypha section which highlights all of the rumored collaborations and songs he was to release and songs that may have been written about him, among other things of that nature.

In the end, The Complete David Bowie magnifies this pop culture icon’s significant cultural contributions so the size is inconsequential.  He’s just that awesome.