THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Makes $75M; Won't Beat AVENGERS – Geek Mundo

As I’ve said before, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was going to do awesomely well in movie theaters, but it would not beat ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ for box office supremacy.  ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is estimated to make $75 million and pull in $170-ish million by Monday.  

These numbers aren’t the official numbers from Warner Bros.–as they’ve opted to keep mum on the numbers for the entire weekend–but they are estimates from industry analysts.  Anything could happen between now and Monday, so who knows.  Even though it won’t beat ‘The Avengers’, it will still be in the same league as ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2′ and ‘The Dark Knight’, the second Nolan installment of Batman.

I’m sure Marvel and Disney are happy about the news.  ‘The Avengers’ have really set them in a class above others.  The only thing that could potentially get in the way is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’–if non-comicbook fans can’t get behind the film.

via The Wrap