The New THE WATCH Trailer Shows Us Some Bad Guys – Geek Mundo

Check out this hilarious trailer for THE WATCH which shows us some bad guys finally. I wasn’t really feeling this movie much when I first saw the trailer, but now after this trailer it looks like it could be a fun movie to see on a free Saturday afternoon.

THE WATCH stars Ben Stiller as Evan Trautwig, a Costco manager and new suburban resident who forms a neighborhood watch after his friend is murdered. Vince Vaughn as Bob Finnerty, a resident who uses the watch to spy on his teenage daughter’s dating life. Jonah Hill as Franklin. Richard Ayoade as Jamarcus. Rosemarie DeWitt as Evan’s wife, who forces them to move to the suburbs. Nicholas Braun. Will Forte as Sergeant Bressman Erin Moriarty as Bob’s daughter. Billy Crudup was reported as being in negotiations for a role as a “creepy neighbor” on October 4, 2011. Doug Jones as the main alien villain.

The Plot: A group of friends (Stiller, Vaughn, Hill, and Ayoade) form a neighborhood watch group for their suburb to allow them time to bond and escape from their families. However, when the group discovers a plot that threatens the entire world, they are forced to confront it head on.

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