The Strain Episode 4 Recap: Beheadings Are “for Everyone” – GeekMundo

I didn’t think that The Strain could get more disgusting, at least on TV anyway, but it sure did in tonight’s “It’s Not for Everyone” episode.  Last week, we saw Gabriel Bolivar’s dick fall off into the toilet before it was promptly flushed, but this week there was some serious evisceration.

Nora (Mia Maestro) and Eph (Corey Stoll) take Captain Redfern’s body, complete with mushed in head, and conduct and autopsy that will probably go down in television infamy.  Jim (Sean Astin) has a small panic attack as he watches them eviscerate the body and pull the massive stinger (that is super phallic by the way) out.  I swear, it resembled a penis.  Anyway, Jim has had enough of the bullshit, and in his tirade he confesses to Nora and Eph that he helped the coffin with the Master leave the airport because he was paid.  His wife’s cancer treatments are quite expensive, so fuck humanity, guys!  Eph knocks him the hell out, and tells him that he’s dead to him a la Michael Corleone to Fredo in The Godfather.

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The co-dependent housewife (Anne Marie) returns home after taking her kids and leaving on her husband Anton’s advice (he was one of the four survivors, and the steak blood drinker from last week), and finds blood all over the pillows and clumps of hair.  When she goes outside she discovers that the family dog has been partially eaten, and Anton is a raving, bloody monster/man who has tied himself up in the shed.  Despite telling her to leave, she stands there catatonic!  My thoughts on Twitter on her stupid devotion:

He says the voice in my head is telling me to rip open your neck and drink from you and YOU haven’t run yet? #TheStrain#DatStrain

— Sword of the Morning (@SeattleSlim) August 4, 2014

She sticks around to bury the dog, and casually feeds their shitty next door neighbor to her hubby, because that’s what #DownAssWives do.  They feed bad people to their vampire husbands.  To be honest, the guy had it coming.  He insulted her and admitted to beating their cute dog.

We got to see Gus (Miguel Gomez) and his abs this week.  He’s still doing his Latino Tupac thing, but we see how devoted he is to his mom.  Thug luv is the best love, guyz.  If I’m not mistaken, we may have met Creem (another vital character) as well.  Not sure though.  He is supposed to have an all-silver grill.

Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) and Evil Nazi Vampire Eichorst (Richard Sammel) do some more evil bastard shit, and hire a cute master female hacker to help influence opinions on the internet in an effort to conceal the wickedness they are trying to pull off.  How she got  out of there alive is amazing considering all that attitude she served up.  Unfortunately, the Eldritch-Eichorst bromance is short-lived as Palmer’s health takes a turn for the worst, and none of his vampire bros answer his calls.  We’ll see if he meets his end the way he did in the book.  Based on their proclivities for showing head trauma in The Strain, I would be surprised if they changed that up.

Speaking of attitude, when Nora and Eph–who are still acting too slow for my taste–head over to Mr. Arnot’s house, the world’s creepiest kid music plays in the background as they walk up on little Emma (the vampire kid) standing in the dark with her hair and pajamas a dirty, disgusting mess.  The blue moonlight hits her just right as she turns around with blood all over her mouth to unleash her stinger on the both of them.  Luckily, Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley), Legit Ass Vampire Hunter Esq., arrives just in time to take her head clean off.  He didn’t even blink, I tell you!  Oh, and when her recently turned vampire dad gets buck, Setrakian relieves him of his head as well.  Head gone!  You won’t be needing that anymore, bro.  Unfortunately, this prove to be too much for Nora, and she refuses to join Team Head Snatch with Eph and Abe.  Abe is not stressed.  He basically tells Eph it is what it is, and tells him to torch the damn house.  He never misses a beat.  I can almost forgive him for killing Robb Stark at the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones (Bradley plays Ser Walder Frey).

This episode was on point, and just keeps proving why The Strain is one of those shows that gets better with each episode.  Next week, they finally show how Setrakian and Eichorst know each other.  That’s going to be very good, so don’t miss it.