These Real Life Horror Movie Sketches are Totally Spot On

Real Life Horror Movie by Yes Please gives a big middle finger to tired horror movie tropes, and adds some real life humor we totally dig.

If you’ve ever been to a horror movie and asked yourself what the f*ck those people in the movie are doing, then Yes Please’s Real Life Horror Movie sketches on YouTube are just what you need to validate the fact that you aren’t crazy, and you’d definitely not die if an evil being decided to go after you.  It’s a new channel formed by friends Teresa Decher and Jason Nguyen, and I have to say, I love their dynamic and chemistry.

Taking on some of the horror movie cliches we all know and love, like the evil doll (we see you, The Conjuring), to the haunted house that makes its evil intentions known the minute families move in, Real Life Horror Movie Sketches will most likely have you feeling totally redeemed for talking to the screen while watching Insidious 2.