This Captain America Inspired Shield Watch is Ultra Cool – GeekMundo

There are no hour hands or minute hands on this Captain America inspired watch.  Matter of fact, this watch is a perfect example of abstract concepts and geekiness working so very well together.

Aptly titled The Shield watch, the likeness to Stever Rogers’ shield is uncanny.  Inspired?  I’d say it’s a small, watch version of the actual thing.  Have a look see:

At first sight, the first model of Shield watch reminds us about the iconic Captain America’s shield. Well, I guess that was the main design inspiration of this concept watch, the watch face looks like it’s turned on a lathe or spun out of sheet material with contrasting finishes. The time is displayed in conventional analogue watch by utilizing the same movement of a disc or watch hands. Two matching metal veneers are combined with the lens display leaving 2 narrow display “grooves”, you can see the hands or discs through the grooves making a futuristic appearance yet the time still can be easily read. For dramatic effect and night-time use, this concept watch is equipped with EL backlight.

Since this watch design was inspired by a super hero, it would attract comic levers or call the inner geek inside us. The universal design makes Shield watch is suitable for both men and women.

It’s not for the average person or geek, but if you want to stand out from the average, you could rock with this for sure.