Tom Hiddleston Fan Art: EPIC King Henry V Bead Portrait

I’ve seen all kinds of impressive and super epic Tom Hiddleston fan art, but this one takes the cake (so far for the year) on all levels, from awesomeness to creativity.  Okamixkeshin created one heck of a portrait of Tom Hiddleston using perler beads.  And it rocks!

Here’s a still from the BBC America mini-series on King Henry V in which Hiddles plays Henry.

And here’s her awesome work of art:

According to Okamix on her Deviant Art page, it took her 11 hours to get this done. 11. Freakin. HOURS! Now that’s not only dedication, that’s a true and dedicated Tom Hiddleston fan.

What do you think?  Are you feeling the portrait or not?