Top 15 Miley Cyrus Memes From the MTV Video Music Awards

Poor, misguided Miley Cyrus!  We get that you want to shed your Disney image and what better way to do that than take a few pages out of the Britney Spears Encyclopedia of Post-Mickey Mouse Club Ho Shit.  However, little Hannah Montana may have taken her cultural appropriation and poseur antics a bit too far with her ultra bizarre performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards. It felt like we were watching a furry orgy with Beetlejuice acting as the host.  I expected Pedobear to come out of nowhere and start violently humping Miley or one of the dancers.  What kind of shit are Liam and Miley into?  Alas, the internet is unforgiving and memes are easy to make.  Of course, Miley was roasted… And we’ve compiled the top 15 memes from her ultra wack VMA performance.  Seriously, I cried from laughing so hard.  Check them out:

At this point, it’s pretty clear that even God is judging and crying because the VMAs were a little too damn far. (via Jenna Marbles/Twitter)

While we never want to see anyone lose their job or wish ill on anyone, someone clearly watched In Living Color and used Vera as the fashion muse for Miley’s wardrobe last night.  You know somebody is sending out resumes ASAP. (via)

It may seem pretty mean to liken M-Dog–her urban nickname I am sure she appreciates–to Jim Carrey’s “Vera” from In Living Color and Robin Thicke to Beetlejuice, but let’s face it… His suit and her fashion kind of asked for it. (via Twitter)

This one actually made me laugh so hard it hurt.  The internet was out for blood and that means your whole family will get dragged too (via Lipstick Alley)

Not that it’s necessarily okay to be body-snarking, but Miley’s ass is totally an actual, human version of Hank Hill’s (King of the Hill) miniature dinner rolls.  No twerking for you….(via LSA)

Not a One Direction or Rihanna fan by any stretch of the imagination, but Rih-Rih’s million dollar side eye described the entire experience of watching Miley, Robin and their attempt at teddy bear porn. Harry Styles’ face though…(via Twitter)

Why the hell did Jada let Will bring the rugrats, Jaden and Willow, to the VMAs knowing they try so hard to remain relevant with added fuckery?  Clearly, this will traumatize their pliable little minds… Won’t someone think of the children?  (via)

Not that Robin Thicke noticed, but this was a very bad move for his career… And we’re still just talking about the suit. (via)

At least this meme was about her hair… A kindness indeed. (via)

All things lead back to Disney… Coincidence?  Maybe we’re the idiots and Miley was simply promoting a new Lion King movie, amirite?

I wonder what Mr. Achy Breaky Heart had to say about Miley acting a straight ass on national television?  Either way, this meme above is cold-blooded… and hilarious. (via)

Oh, hell no!  They brought in Alan Thicke into this?  That Miley/Robin VMA duet apparently had many casualties.  (via)

I often thought what Liam Hemsworth (Paranoia), Miley’s boyfriend, had to think about this.  Clearly, he wasn’t there because the camera would have been so far into his face, we would’ve been able to tell the color of his nose hair.  This meme with Chris Hemsworth (Thor: The Dark World) ribbing his brother about his girl is classic.  Also, word on the street is Liam had an African girlfriend back in the Outback, but “changed clothes” the minute he hit got on… Miley’s recent ratchetness makes a little more sense if true… I’m just saying. (via)

Mr. Cyrus. we’re asking ourselves that question too… But we were hoping you could share some insight?  I mean, you are her pappy. (via)

 Oh, yes she apparently does, Drake!  Miley Cyrus will not head into the abyss of irrelevance without a fight, my good sir!  Drake’s refusal to look at her performance, and to focus his “eyes on the floor, still on the floor, always on God’s floor.”  totally added to the level of second-hand embarrassment we all felt.  (via)